1. What do you look for in a paper submitted to Noēsis?

We look primarily for two qualities: originality and clarity. Papers published in Noēsis contribute something new to the discipline, whether that be a new objection, argument, theory, exegesis, and so on. This certainly does not mean that the entire paper must be completely original. Papers published in Noēsis often begin with an overview of an argument or theory, discuss some of the current and/or historical debate, and then address a new criticism (or defence) of the argument or theory. If you are unsure whether your paper has original content or not, we highly advise you to submit it anyway. The second thing we look for is clarity. This refers to the ease of which we can understand your ideas and make sense of your argument.

2. Can I submit a paper that I wrote for class?

Yes, in fact, the majority of papers that we receive at Noēsis are papers written for a philosophy class.

3. How do I submit a paper for publication?

Submissions can be uploaded to our website or sent to our email at eic.noesis@gmail.com. All submissions must be prepared for blind review and have a cover page with the following information: your full name, the title of the submitted paper, the word count of the paper, your academic institution, major and year of study, and an email address where we can reach you.

4. I submitted a paper to a previous volume of Noēsis. Can I submit again this year?

Yes, you may submit another paper to Noēsis (or, if your paper was not accepted, you may submit a revised version of your paper).

5. Can I submit multiple papers for publication?

Yes, you may submit multiple papers for publication although a maximum of one will be chosen for publication.

6. How does the review process work for Noēsis?

Submissions are blindly reviewed by 2-3 editors, with final decisions being made in early January 2020. If your paper is accepted for publication, you will work with 2-3 editors from January until late March to expand, revise, and improve upon your paper.

7. Can I submit my paper to journals other than Noēsis?

The common academic standard is that, if you submit your paper to a journal, you may not submit it to any other unless your paper is not accepted for publication in the journal that you have submitted to. This is the same for Noēsis: if you have submitted your paper to Noēsis, then you are not permitted to submit the same paper to another journal while the review process is underway. Additionally, if your paper is accepted for publication in Noēsis, you are not permitted to submit it to another journal.

8. I have submitted my paper to Noēsis. Can I submit my paper to conferences?

Yes, although you may not submit your paper for publication in another journal, you may submit your paper to academic conferences.