Founded in 1998, Noēsis is the journal of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Toronto, a project that envisions and aims to engender a culture of creativity and lively philosophical exchange among students. The students whose work appears in our journals are all undergraduate students, as are the editors who volunteer to organize, compile, and peer-review for publication.

Our editors and authors are currently completing work on our twenty-second volume for the 2020-2021 academic year: Noēsis XXII.

We are also working on an online zine, ē. The zine is Noēsis' first-ever and will feature short, creative pieces.

If you are interested in taking part in Noēsis, please visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming opportunities.

If you have any questions about Noēsis, feel free to contact our Editors-in-Chief Gavin Foster, Yaz Martens, and Sanghoon Oh at eic.noesis@gmail.com.


Sanghoon Oh

Sanghoon is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy and English literature, and minoring in economics. His primary philosophical interests include the absurd, epistemology, continental philosophy, phenomenology, and existentialism. His previous editorial experience includes a position as an associate editor for Acta Victoriana. Currently, he is doing a research project in the history and philosophy of sciences. In his free time, he enjoys going on hikes, writing, and visiting art galleries.

Yazmeen Martens

Yaz is a philosophy specialist in the final year of her degree. Her interests are primarily in German idealism, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mind, Marxism, phenomenology, and early analytic philosophy. She has particular attachments to Kant, Marx, and Wittgenstein. Yaz's present research concerns Kantian conceptions of logic and what they ought to say about the possibility of illogical thought. Her other research interests include the intersections of philosophy of mind and social & political philosophy, the history of logic, and Marxist approaches to feminism. Her personal interests align closely with her academic ones and she is a returning executive member of the Philosophy Course Union.

Gavin Foster

Gavin is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto pursuing a specialist in philosophy and minors in Indigenous studies and HPS. His primary philosophical specialties are in philosophy of language/logic, metaethics, and metaepistemology. His specific interests include: instrumental and deontological normativity; the relationship between truth and meaning; and, the priority thesis regarding ontology and language. He also spends time studying Indigenous philosophy and decolonization, as well as constitutional and aboriginal law.


Kwesi Thomas

Kwesi is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy and minoring in history and religion. His research interests are primarily in 19-20th century continental philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of race. Thus, he is passionate about exploring the historical and contemporary intersections of philosophy, religion, and ethics in western culture. Outside of this, he spends the rest of his time traveling and hanging out with his incredible wife.

Evelyn Rose Maude

Evelyn is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy and cinema studies. Her primary areas of philosophical interest are ethics, political philosophy, personal identity, and the history of philosophy. Her interests outside philosophy include classic film history, old-time radio, and Miss Marple.


Juan Ignacio Murillo Vargas

Juan is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy and linguistics, whose philosophical interests are mainly in ethics, analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of language. In his free time, he spends his days arguing in favour of moral realism to no avail and trying to find the best pizza and coffee places in Toronto (or just thinking about food in general, honestly).



Ariel LaFayette

Ariel is a third-year student majoring in philosophy and cognitive science. Her philosophical interests are in the study of consciousness and debates about the mind-body problem. Outside of philosophy, Ariel is an admin of the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Association (CASA) and spends most of her days reading in the CASA office library. During her summers, Ariel enjoys working abroad in Japan and is passionate about East Asian history. When she is not working, she's writing in her journal about her adventures while travelling.


Hikmat Jamal

Hikmat is a third-year student majoring in philosophy and urban planning. His research interests are primarily in medieval philosophy with a focus on Islamic philosophy. He is also interested in 17th century rationalism, philosophy of religion, and moral epistemology. He was once described as an Aristotelian-Ghazalian-Spinozan and that's probably right. You can find him playing footy or recording a podcast for his 5 listeners.


Ella Glover

Ella is a third-year student majoring in English and philosophy. She completed her first year at the University of London in England. She is interested primarily in ethical questions and issues that arise in aesthetics.

Emily Hurmizi

Emily is a third-year student with a double-major in Philosophy and Art History, and minor in Environmental Ethics. She is interested in the areas of Aesthetics, Phenomenology, and Critical Theory. Outside the realm of philosophy, Emily is the Co-Editor-In-Chief of Goose Fiction and Co-Chair of the Hart House Literary and Library Committee. You can usually find her wherever they sell Coffee.



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