Founded in 1998, Noēsis is the journal of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Toronto, a project that envisions and aims to engender a culture of creativity and lively philosophical exchange among students. The students whose work appears in our journals are all undergraduate students, as are the editors who volunteer to organize, compile, and peer review for publication.

Our editors and authors are currently beginning work on our nineteenth issue for the 2017/2018 academic year: Noēsis XIX. If you’re interested in taking part in Noēsis, please see Events for information about upcoming workshops, paper presentations, and peer-review opportunities. Check the Join Our Team page for updates about joining our editorial team.

If you have any questions about Noēsis, feel free to contact our Editors-in-Chief at eic.noesis@gmail.com.


Ashley Fiazool

Ashley Fiazool is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy with a focus in philosophy of law. Her interest in legal philosophy started when she wrote a paper as a joke on the "Philosophy of Internet Memes", focusing on the topics of censorship and hate speech. On a more serious note, Ashley is currently working on a legal theory paper which explores the concept of universal jurisdiction within international law. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games and is currently a Bail Court Attendant under the Ministry of the Attorney General

Lucas Bennett

Lucas Bennett is a fourth year student majoring in philosophy, economics, and statistics. He main areas of specialization are in metaphysics, philosophy of language, analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of rationality, with a particular focus on issues surrounding non-existent objects. This year, he is working as a logic teaching assistant in the philosophy department at the University of Toronto. Outside of academics, Lucas enjoys working as the founder for his startup and going on regular hiking trips.


Layla Pereira-DaSilva,

Senior Editor
Layla is a fourth year student specializing in philosophy. Her research interests mostly fall within feminist interventions in philosophy and more precisely in the areas of ethics, jurisprudence, phenomenology, and aesthetics. Outside of her philosophical interests, Layla dabbles in international legal theory. She has an upcoming publication, “Argumentum ab Inconvenienti,” in the Intra Vires Undergraduate Law Journal. Outside of academics, she enjoys working with the charitable organizations, Dudebox and Rainbow Railroad.

Cindy Do

Senior Editor
Cindy Do is a fifth year student specializing in philosophy and minoring in ethics, society, and law. She is interested in epistemology, ethics, and early modern philosophy and science. Last year, she was a Socrates Project participant and teaching assistant on the UTM campus. Before that, she participated on an exchange at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying conflict resolution. Aside from philosophy, Cindy enjoys spending time with her five year old brother, Darcy, and taking him for walks around the city.

Kenzie Tsang

Senior Editor
Kenzie Tsang is a third year philosophy specialist and bioethics major. She has a particular interest in the philosophy of mind, specifically topics relating to artificial intelligence and phenomenology. Her favourite condiment is mustard.

Ethan Raymond

Senior Editor
Ethan is a 4th year student specializing in philosophy. He is particularly interested in contemporary applied ethics, 20th century philisophy of language, and the exploration of philosophical topics in non-traditional media. Ethan is also an avid student journalist, and he has served in editorial roles at multiple student publications at U of T.

Kyle Vieira

Senior Editor
Kyle Vieira is a fourth year philosophy specialist and history minor. His specialization is in ethics: specifically, he's most interested in theories of welfare, the role beneficence plays in our moral theories, and interpersonal comparison. He's also interested in accounts of non-human animal welfare, the ramifications that dying has for theories of welfare, and the nature of disability. Outside of ethics, he also enjoys reading epistemology: mainly work on reliabilist accounts of knowledge, and work analyzing the nature of epistemological evidence (especially as it relates to historical knowledge). Most of his historical work focuses on labour movements of 19th century Ontario. Outside of his academic studies, he enjoys jogging and needlework."

Anil Partridge

Senior Editor
Anil is in his final year at the University of Toronto in a double major in philosophy and English. He is interested in continental and analytic philosophy with a specialization in ethics, aesthetics, language, and literature. He has worked as a session musician (violin and guitar) and was First Violin with the Hart House Orchestra. In 2017, he was the communications director for the Philosophy Course Union at the University of Toronto and a Scholar in Residence. This year, he is serving as the literary secretary for Kappa Alpha and working as a teaching assistant in the Socrates Project.

Julia DaSilva

Senior Editor
Julia DaSilva is a second year student pursuing a double major in philosophy and literature and critical theory and a minor in indigenous studies. Her previous editorial experience includes a position as a junior editor with Almagest, UofT's History and Philosophy of Science and Technology journal, with which she is also a senior editor this year. She is primarily interested in the ethics of existential philosophy, particularly as they relate to environmental ethics, collective action, and political theory. Julia is also a creative writer, with a poem, "Free Market Immortal," published in the 2017 issue of UofT's Spectatorial journal and a fantasy novel approaching completion.

Megen Rependa

Senior Editor
Megen Rependa is in her fourth year of a philosophy specialist degree at University of Toronto. Her philosophical interests include continental philosophy and questions of interpersonal relations. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing and competitive horseback riding.


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