Founded in 1998, Noēsis is the journal of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Toronto, a project that envisions and aims to engender a culture of creativity and lively philosophical exchange among students. The students whose work appears in our journals are all undergraduate students, as are the editors who volunteer to organize, compile, and peer-review for publication.

Our editors and authors are currently completing work on our twenty-first volume for the 2019-2020 academic year: Noēsis XXI.

Concurrently, we are working on an online magazine, Chorismos. The magazine is Noēsis' first-ever magazine that will feature short, creative pieces.

If you are interested in taking part in Noēsis, please visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming opportunities.

If you have any questions about Noēsis, feel free to contact our Editors-in-Chief Julia DaSilva and Layla Pereira DaSilva at eic.noesis@gmail.com.


Julia DaSilva

Julia is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy and literature & critical theory, and minoring in Indigenous studies. Her research interests are primarily in phenomenology of magic, as well as political & queer phenomenology and Marxist critical theory. Her poetry has appeared in Eclectica, the Toronto-based Young Voices magazine, and the University of Toronto journals: The Spectatorial, The Strand, and Hardwire. When she is not writing philosophy papers, poetry, or fantasy, she is organizing for fossil fuel divestment and climate justice with Leap UofT and Climate Justice Toronto, and can probably be found on her laptop in Caffiends.

Layla Pereira DaSilva

Layla is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy. Her research interests mostly fall within feminist interventions in philosophy and more precisely in the areas of ethics, jurisprudence, aesthetics, and phenomenology. Outside of her philosophical interests, Layla is a frequent contributor to Intra Vires the Undergraduate Law Journal. She most recently authored a paper entitled, “The Birds and the Bees, but Not the Butterflies.” Outside of academics, she enjoys writing for The Werk, fundraising for Rainbow Railroad, and dabbling in film photography.



Alex de Guzman

Alex is a second-year student specializing in philosophy. His research interests are primarily in German Idealism, phenomenology, aesthetics, and philosophy of mind. Outside of philosophy, Alex enjoys improv and theatre – he is a two-time national finalist at the Canadian Improv Games and has won awards for Best Acting and Best Writing at the Sears Drama Festival. Outside of philosophy and theatre, he enjoys reading and writing fiction and being the Dungeon Master for a long-running Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Ariel LaFayette

Ariel is a third-year student majoring in philosophy and cognitive science. Her philosophical interests are in the study of consciousness and debates about the mind-body problem. Outside of philosophy, Ariel is an admin of the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Association (CASA) and spends most of her days reading in the CASA office library. During her summers, Ariel enjoys working abroad in Japan and is passionate about East Asian history. When she is not working, she's writing in her journal about her adventures while travelling.


Ella Glover

Ella is a second-year student majoring in English and philosophy. She completed her first year at the University of London in England. She is interested primarily in ethical questions and issues that arise in aesthetics.

Gavin Foster



Hikmat Jamal

Hikmat is a second-year student majoring in philosophy and human geography. His research interests are primarily in Islamic and medieval philosophy, and philosophy as a larger continuous conversation across millennia. He is particularly interested in the ways in which philosophy can be demystified and how it is intertwined with almost everything in our lives, from the role it plays in our economic and political system to how it is applied to urban planning. You can often find him playing soccer, reading a book while ignoring course readings, or cooking!


Sanghoon Oh

Sanghoon is a third-year student majoring in philosophy and English literature, and a minor in economics. His primary philosophical interests include the absurd, epistemology, continental philosophy, phenomenology, and existentialism. His previous editorial experience includes a position as an associate editor for Acta Victoriana. Currently, he is doing a research project in the history and philosophy of sciences. In his free time, he enjoys going on hikes, writing, and visiting art galleries.


Yaz Martens

Yaz is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy. Her interests are primarily in phenomenology, philosophy of mind, continental political philosophy, German idealism, and early analytic philosophy. She has particular attachments to Marx, Kant, and Wittgenstein. Yaz is currently most interested in researching the intersections of philosophy of mind and social & political philosophy, and Marxist interventions in contemporary feminist discourse. Her personal interests align closely with her academic ones and she is presently serving as Chair of Underrepresented Philosophy for the Philosophy Course Union.

Yiping Chang

Yiping is a third-year student majoring in philosophy and statistics. Her areas of interest are logic and metaphysics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to baroque music, and cooking.


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