Founded in 1998, Noēsis is the journal of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Toronto, a project that envisions and aims to engender a culture of creativity and lively philosophical exchange among students. The students whose work appears in our journals are all undergraduate students, as are the editors who volunteer to organize, compile, and peer-review for publication.

Our editors and authors are currently completing work on our twenty-third volume for the 2021-2022 academic year: Noēsis XXIII.

We are also working on the second online zine, ē. You can read Noēsis‘ first-ever zine here. It features short, creative pieces.

If you are interested in taking part in Noēsis, please visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming opportunities.

If you have any questions about Noēsis, feel free to contact our Editors-in-Chief Ariel LaFayette and Emily Hurmizi at eic.noesis@gmail.com


Ariel LaFayette

Ariel is a cognitive science and philosophy double-major in the final year of her degree. Her research interests include the philosophy of mind, continental philosophy, and the phenomenology of religious experience. She is also a researcher at UofT’s Centre for Ethics and an editor on Pensées Canadiennes—the national philosophy undergraduate journal. When she is not working, you will find her at concerts, writing in her journal about her traveling adventures, or fangirling over Jacques Derrida.

Emily Hurmizi

Emily is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in philosophy and art history with a minor in environmental ethics. Her interests are primarily in the philosophy and critical theories of art, particularly the intersections of visual art, performance, and literature as it pertains to Medieval and Diasporic art. She is also interested in phenomenology, psychoanalytic theory, and the philosophy of race and gender. Emily is passionate about community-building through art and arts education programs, as well as supporting and spotlighting emerging writers and academics.




Radheesh Ameresekere

Radheesh is a third-year Philosophy specialist. His philosophical interests, in no particular order, are Ethics, 17th-18th Century Philosophy, the Philosophy of Religion, and Kant. Some specific problems that interest Radheesh are the intersection of God and ethics, freedom and responsibility, existential anxiety, and the ethics of dying. Radheesh is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Zeitgeist. His interests outside of philosophy include classical art, rock music, and drinking tea. He’s happy to argue with any Marxists.

William Graham

Will is a fourth-year student studying cognitive science and philosophy, with a minor in Buddhism, psychology, and mental health. He is particularly interested in philosophical debates surrounding consciousness, the self, free will, and intentionality. Outside of academics, Will is passionate about music, poetry, film, and soccer, and has a (borderline) unhealthy obsession with language. Wherever he is, you will find him in a state of perpetual disappointment with the Toronto Raptors.


Zoe Levson

Zoe is a third-year student majoring in philosophy with a minor in history. In addition to editing, she is co-directing our social media this year. Her philosophical interests include logic, existentialism, and early analytic philosophy. Her previous editorial experience includes a position as an editor for The Oracle at York University. When she is not busy studying at Robarts, she is likely at trivia club, playing chess, or at work at the local music store. She is also a social media coordinator this year for the Journal.

Simon Navarrete

Simon is a third-year student majoring in Philosophy and English. His philosophical interests include social contract theory, issues of identity in metaphysics, and questions of the soul, but you could also ask him about romantic literature or 19th-century American essayists. He spends his free time listening to music and improving as a poet.


Evelyn Rose Maude

Evelyn is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy. Her primary historical interest is early modern European philosophy, with particular emphasis on Spinoza and Kant. Her primary theoretical interests are ethics and religion, political and economic theory, and the philosophy of social science. Her interests outside of philosophy include classic film history, chess, classical music, and Latin.

Diya Ratti

Diya is a third-year student majoring in English literature and minoring in philosophy and Writing & Rhetoric. Her philosophical interests are in the study of free will, philosophy of mind, and debates concerning the relationship between morality and religion. Outside of philosophy, Diya is a copyeditor with The Varsity and is passionate about South Asian literature.


Aman Sakhardande

Aman is a third-year student studying philosophy and linguistics. His philosophical interests include phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and postcolonial theory. His interest in language and linguistics concerns the cross-section between philosophy of language, and its evolution and cognition. Currently, he is doing a research project on the history of philosophy of science. Outside of academics, he enjoys walking and running for long distances.


Tessa Ng

Tessa is a third-year student doing a join specialist in Physics and Philosophy with minors in HPST and Mathematics. In addition to editing, she is co-directing our social media this year. Her philosophical interests include the philosophy of scientific change, metaphysics, and logic. She fosters particular affections for Marx, Kant, and the Oxford comma. On her days off, Tessa can be found perusing a juicy historical fiction novel or attempting to make her own clothes from sustainable textiles. Tessa is currently doing research in HPST and is the co-president of the University of Toronto Badminton Club. She loves her dog, who is named Bao.


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